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 Hard lifes in Hochiminh city

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Tổng số bài gửi : 29
Join date : 02/06/2010
Age : 26
Đến từ : Thaibinh province

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Hard lifes in Hochiminh city   Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:31 am

Sore throat, hoarseness can not speak customers offering to buy ready made bread rolls, saving his shop H speaker with voice recorder "certificate cake, hemp, now" and then turned on weeds throughout the journey traveling sales.

Long, the sound pitch hawkers at night has become a part of life Saigon, as he said so in B ward 25, Binh Thanh District: "The night did not hear that shaking the suspension eminent English Coins of massage boy, bread rolls or banh chung, I feel something missing, do not sleep good. "

Shake eminent beam (including the beer bottle caps are a bad back, while shaking dice make calls attention) of those feeling a little massage profession; of the loudspeakers are available instead of recording the voice of rao "banh chung cake rolls," "Saigon sandwich"; the goods are not very popular seller must still proclaim the oral hard ... should all contribute colored picture of the Saigon street corner up at the lights.

* Listen to proclaim the night in Saigon style

Today, most street vendors are immigrants, see Ho Chi Minh City as his hometown Monday for a living.

He H, a native of South Phu Tho to establish business since 2002, which also go on car museum coffee under 67 throughout the city to sell rice cake thorns, bread rolls. He said that in recent years in his hometown to remove all farms, homes made by tha way for rice field soil is not enough food.

This man is living with his wife and two children in Ward 15, Go Vap. His wife sold the fruit on, look at the child, but I always take advantage of selling through the night to earn extra income. Each month, nearly 2 million cost of room rent, food, clothing, medicine for the whole family with income from selling cakes for a 3500 contract.

H He said, before cycling to sell, and proclaim with the mouth very tired. There were nights of rain to saturate the house, the morning after heavy cold and sore throat may not be big barriers. Walking this couple to spend the money bought a car and buy 67 more former speaker cassette recording available for questions offer "ready made, spines, rolls" to go on sale for convenience. Thanks to that support his work harder, so only worry how all goods sold.

"Age is doing something difficult. Islam before I do this job well feed pressure was stable but now people do not spend much voltage stabilizer should also give up his job too. Now through selling rice cake rolls on How to earn very good new contract nearly 200,000 are brought his wife and children happy. But on rainy days or cold do not get to buy bread to take home, also on my family all ready made food for the night before E "he recently told Q recently sold cakes.

Tricycles selling bread Ung Van Khiem Street, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.

Mrs N, native city of Da Nang on the sale of popular dishes such as peanuts, rice paper, quail eggs to feed children in college. "Since the children in the city college, I also followed the trade burden here delight you feed it money. At first it also would make workers in factories but by grade level to me so much of a they do not receive company. Finally no other choice, I would like as many people peddling away, every day to earn the 60-70 thousand, "she said, the client application has already offered.

Same day, the mother Trac age 40 from 4 hours to wake up every morning at the market to sell and get back home when the street lights were on. Previously, she sat in a park sale Dame Cathedral objects and travel accounts, but since the moratorium is empty, you must change to real estate appraisal area for vendors.

"Fortunately, it stopped having the sun on sale as quickly as is also home soon. This mainstream sun or rain too, visitors are also afraid to sell out so its not how much, when trying to sell off all new late "she said.

Her son is a student N 3rd year University of Natural Sciences, HCMC. She said, fortune at home only a few acres of farmland, two season rice growing family meal hunger no meal, an additional few years of drought dry farming, fires on the river to pump water out at a cost more expensive than several times. So money is in the rice harvest site barely cover the debt.

"Now instead of rice cultivation in home sales continue to send money to your child, then I go with you into the city in rent while they can care for children has managed to make it comfortable for the child to education", N she said. Currently only her husband and youngest daughter in Grade 10 at home to care for fields and gardens.

Members fried fish, seaweed favorite item of Saigon.

Now her home in the sea T Tien Hai, Thai Binh and new husband last year to establish business with her husband, hoping that life harder. Husband made lake side, and she went to sell cake. "I just do not get used to walking all day really tired legs. Sell this cake was the only capital but spent little burden, sometimes extremely hungry but do not dare leave for fear of not selling out to go to tomorrow, then drink soft bread, "Thao says.

For the people of Saigon, the dish is empty, such as fish fry members, beef beer, há high bread rolls ... have long become the preferred fast food. Especially for those who have to work at night, when food stores were closed, they sat waiting cars passing street vendors to buy.

Ms. procedures, a receptionist at a hotel on Ung Van Khiem Street, Binh Thanh District said: "Night after night I also sell bread rolls to wait for doctor to help buy food for hungry at midnight, but at that running off somewhere to buy, they are no longer sold, with visual tasks again I have 24/24 in the hotel, we buy in this place means so much.

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Hard lifes in Hochiminh city
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